Blurbs & Interviews…

Things people of note have said about my writing, and excerpts from interviews I’ve given.

Bruce Sterling said of my post riffing of the Amazon Echo launch, turned Pixar Movie pitch:

“I don’t even know what to call a speculative jeux d’esprit of this kind”

Work defying critics ability to categorise!

And on my design fiction imagining the future evolution of the Amazon Drone Service:

“I wonder if it’s possible to write a sci-fi short story on this topic that is more interesting than this”

Grinders: Tomorrow’s Cyberpunks are Here Today

by David Forbes.

For Australian futurist m1k3y, grinding was just the latest iteration of the cyberpunk culture that had fascinated him “since I found an old copy of OMNI magazine in my local library.” He taught himself to program on a Commodore 64 and read copiously.

We’ve gone from cyberpunk as roleplay in the early ‘80s — people posing with power gloves — to life in an actual future-present dystopia,” m1k3y writes in an email about his reasons for joining the blog.

Cyberpunk was meant to be a warning, a glimpse into a future we should be trying to avoid. But here we are: People are implanting tech, not just dressing up with consumer goods.”


The body mod is symbolic of the grinder mindset, but not dependent on it,” says m1k3y. “Implanting tech is cool. So is meditation and yoga. So is fasting and diet hacks and supplements. Start combining them together, now that’s interesting.”


…in a hyper-politicized era, it’s a very open question of how long that cohabitation will last. m1k3y, who has no lack of speculation about possible societal collapses, admits he considers the neoreactionaries’ goals and “can’t imagine anything more terrible.”

As for his own vision, beyond magnets and garage science, the sky’s the limit: “Saving the world as penance for the sins our fathers, building a life worth being near immortal in, then exploring the galaxy. It’s a plan.