What’s the end game of late-stage capitalism? What provisions are The Powers That Be making for the Coming Collapse; for Climate Chaos and other Catastrophes? This is the Plutocratic Exit Strategy (PES). In this series we’ll see how they plan on making their getaway, and how we can work to steal the future back.

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the alien visitors OUR FRIENDS CWz8PaiWsAEfxkT.jpg large

Ufological/PES Mashup

How the Plutocrats just might fake a UFO invasion to implement a takeover of select cities and cover their Exit to Mars, or elsewhere, using classified prototype vehicles kitted out with an alien aesthetic. How they might have been working on this since the early 20th Century as just one part of the Technocratic Project.

  1. The Plutocratic Exit Strategy & Their False Flag Alien Getaway – first published in  New Dawn Special Issue Vol.10 No.1 (page 45)



Acknowledgements: Thanks to Gordon from Rune Soup for his Archonology series in particular, and subsequent discussions since.


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