The universe is not only stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine. – J. B. S. Haldane

Hi, I’m m1k3y. I’m a Cosmic Anthropologist. That is my profession.

That quote… that’s my challenge. To understand everything; to make myself capable of understanding anything. Using any and all available tools, and whatever I can cobble together along the way. Mythology and Ontology. Mysticism and Shamanism.

Exploring the depths and widths of history with my fellow travellers; present, past and metafictional. Dead geniuses and video game characters forming a team, building bridges and tunnels from now to everywhen.

galactic center broadcast-shrunk & optimizedI’ll be mining Ideaspace to produce thought constructs and artefacts that capture and model the strangeness of the universe. Sending broadcasts from my HQ to Galactic Center.

Atemporally live on Multiverse TV.

Building a spaceship outta social media and real world incursions.

Positioning myself on the rolodex of humanity, to be called upon in the event of First Contact.

The arrival of alien intelligence. The ascent of machine minds. Need to crew a fiction ship? I’m your guy.

Come with me. We leave at the dawn of the posthuman age.

Some relevant artefacts so far deposited along this timestream:


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