Reflections on Zero History

Attention Conversation Notice: SPOILERS!  Big giant ones.  Also, not a review – though it may contain traces of one.  The author reserves the right to wax lyrical, reminisce, draw inappropriate comparisons between his own life and that of Gibson’s protagonists and slowly wander back to the subject at hand.  Highly dependant on the reader having […]

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bruces on writing in teh 21C

In part of his annual state of the world address on The Well Bruce Sterling says: The worst part about writing science fiction is the publishing and distribution system. Practically everything we know about literature and popular literate culture is predicated on the use of ink on paper. I was a big fan of that […]

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SF in a science fictional world

Warren Ellis recently said is his post Flying Frogs And Crashed Rocketships

I share a conviction with Steven Shaviro, whose most recent book was CONNECTED, that we live in a science fictional world. Not the one everyone expected, of course — no jetpacks. But good science fiction, challenging science fiction, is never about the future we expect. Sf has never been about predicting the future. It’s been about laying out a roadmap of possibilities, one dark street at a time, and applying that direction to the present condition…

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What I learned at Conjure

So I flew back into miserable Melbourne last night. My first con officially over. Of course, I’m dragging it out as long as I can.. going to Cory’s PopCornTaxi talk tonight. I’m still trying to digest the whole experience.. but here’s what I’ve digested so far. If you want to be a writer, then write. […]

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