notes from the Eyeborg presentation at The Other Film Festival

For my friends that couldn’t make it (or are not in Melbourne) here’s a rough brain dump of the Eyeborg presentation, from Sunday night at The Other Film Festival. In summary, I was extremely impressed with Rob ‘Eyeborg‘ Spence’s presentation. He is funny, smart, well-spoken, knowledgeable.. and he looks like a pirate! (I may have […]

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..’Super wardens’ go on patrol..

from Manchester Evening News ‘Super wardens’ go on patrol PRIVATELY-employed `super wardens’ are to go on patrol in Greater Manchester wearing head-mounted video cameras. The 20 parking attendants, who work for NCP Services, will be the first in the country to be issued with the equipment. Their main role is to issue parking tickets but […]

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..Shaping the future..

from Charlie’s Diary Shaping the future … The big surprise in the 20th century — remember that personal jet car? — was the redefinition of progress that took place some time between 1950 and 1970. Before 1800, human beings didn’t travel faster than a horse could gallop. The experience of travel was that it was […]

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..A Head For Detail..

from A Head For Detail Gordon Bell will never forget what I look like. He’ll never forget what I sound like, either. Actually, he’ll never forget a single detail about me. That’s because when I first met the affable 72-year-old computer scientist at the offices of Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) Research Labs, in Redmond, Washington, he […]

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kids love bloggin’, schools not happy

from Some Students Find Themselves In Principal’s Office Over Blog As parents wring their hands about Internet predators, many teens are worried about a different kind of online intruder: the school principal. Students are blogging about schoolyard crushes and feuds, posting gossip about classmates on social-networking sites like and, and sharing their […]

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