Transmissions of a Cosmic Anthropologist is ready for your podcatching apps

The first full length episode of my new podcast is online. You can listen to it at the embed below. There’s detailed show notes over on my tumblr. It’s all about TIME and features special-guest @Wolven. You can subscribe to the podcast at the following locations: iTunes Stitcher SoundCloud Feedburner I’ve opened up a feedback […]

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The Assassins Mashup Project

I am tres excited to be able to announce the much anticipated release, well by me anyway, of The Assassins Mashup Project.  Wherein a team of writers (and myself) take a short poem and use it as the basis for a slightly longer work. You can find my humble contribution at the very end (warning: […]

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NaNoWriMo ’07

So I just signed up. Gotta take the plunge sometime I guess. And, this way I’ve got an excuse if it’s crap 😉 Gotta particular idea / setting I’ve been mulling around in my head for a while (it’s a Mudane SF / Young Adult novel that may be slightly parallel to a certain other […]

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