Review: GUNS AKIMBO (2019)

In short, Samara Weaving looks great covered in the blood of her enemies. Will she be wearing Harry Potter’s skin by the end of the film? Especially when the only allies Radcliffe’s character can find are the manic pixie ex-girlfriend he still pines for and a crack-smoking houseless man, played by Rhys Darby (Flight of the Concords) in some scene-stealing cameos.

Unfortunately (for me, at least), that’s not the story Howden is telling here…

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a short review of AUTÓMATA

Above are the opening titles that introduce Autómata and its setting of #neartermhumanextinction, #heavyspaceweather and #atemporality. This movie is an instant classic that belongs on the shelf right between Bladerunner and Hardware; and just in case you’re not sure it’s full of explicit spot-the-Bladerunner-bingo references, and features Dylan McDermott in a role that could make you […]

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Transmissions of a Cosmic Anthropologist is ready for your podcatching apps

The first full length episode of my new podcast is online. You can listen to it at the embed below. There’s detailed show notes over on my tumblr. It’s all about TIME and features special-guest @Wolven. You can subscribe to the podcast at the following locations: iTunes Stitcher SoundCloud Feedburner I’ve opened up a feedback […]

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Moon review

Imagine an alternate present where the space shuttle hadn’t been such a disaster and the Cold War hadn’t been sole the driver for the space program. Where the dreams of the sixties came true, and the fears of the seventies were never realised. Where the whole Earth is powered by clean energy and humanity has […]

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