Rupert Murdoch is no n00b

“I think [the current portal] model is in danger of becoming out of date,” he said. “Young people today — who are the great users of the Internet — know exactly what sites they want to go to and they go there, they don’t have to work their way through Yahoo!’s homepage, or MSN.” Later he added, “It [MySpace] certainly won’t be a traditional portal.”

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..The MySpace Generation..

Preeminent among these virtual hangouts is, whose membership has nearly quadrupled since January alone, to 40 million members. Youngsters log on so obsessively that MySpace ranked No. 15 on the entire U.S. Internet in terms of page hits in October, according to Nielsen//NetRatings. Millions also hang out at other up-and-coming networks such as, which connects college students, and, an agglomeration of shared blogs. A second tier of some 300 smaller sites, such as Buzz-Oven,, and, operate under — and often inside or next to — the larger ones.

Although networks are still in their infancy, experts think they’re already creating new forms of social behavior that blur the distinctions between online and real-world interactions. In fact, today’s young generation largely ignores the difference. Most adults see the Web as a supplement to their daily lives. They tap into information, buy books or send flowers, exchange apartments, or link up with others who share passions for dogs, say, or opera. But for the most part, their social lives remain rooted in the traditional phone call and face-to-face interaction.

The MySpace generation, by contrast, lives comfortably in both worlds at once. Increasingly, America’s middle- and upper-class youth use social networks as virtual community centers, a place to go and sit for a while (sometimes hours). While older folks come and go for a task, Adams and her social circle are just as likely to socialize online as off. This is partly a function of how much more comfortable young people are on the Web: Fully 87% of 12- to 17-year-olds use the Internet, vs. two-thirds of adults, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

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kids love bloggin’, schools not happy

from Some Students Find Themselves In Principal’s Office Over Blog As parents wring their hands about Internet predators, many teens are worried about a different kind of online intruder: the school principal. Students are blogging about schoolyard crushes and feuds, posting gossip about classmates on social-networking sites like and, and sharing their […]

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..Bands Embrace Social Networking..

Wired News: Bands Embrace Social Networking MySpace is aimed at teenagers. It claims more than 15 million members, and even established acts like Weezer, Beck and Billy Corgan are starting to realize the potential of social networking. Weezer’s new album, Make Believe, is prominently featured on the band’s MySpace page, and was featured exclusively in […]

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