is video Web2.5?

Today saw the launch of BoingBoing TV and it got me thinking.. is everything going video now? This especially after watching checking out those wicked cool guys – with their ‘the future of the web is A/V’ pitch. And my annoyance after clicking thru to a Purepwnage interview to find it was text… And […]

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on movies eating video games…

Warning: the following rant includes low-level language and minor spoilers for a tres cliched new release action film. k, so the other day I was watching the new film Next. Now, firstly I’m gonna say that this was clearly made by the SFX people, because any scene that wasn’t action was horrible, cliched horrible’ness – […]

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on this Facebook thing…

k.. Finally got a moment to collect some thought’s on this Facebook thing. It’s very popular with the children, it would seem. To us ‘net veterans the thing seems simplistic, and almost old-hat. I mean, personally I’ve been mucking around on most of the SNS’s for years and years now – especially if you include […]

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lessons from Steampunk on Cyberpunk

Been devouring the Steampunk magazines – thanks to a heads up from BoingBoing and Warren – a xerox subsidy that saw me getting caught in pre-longweekend traffic. grr. On my first pass through I’ve skipped the plethora of fiction, preferring the articles examining just what is Steampunk. Mostly defined as a sub-genre of Cyberpunk, that […]

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Everything wants to be free

Attention Conservation Notice: this is a long rant about stuff / virtual stuff and probably shows my limited understanding of economics and inability to extrapolate future-trends… There’s a line in Accelerando where Manfred’s talking to his Euro-poli friend about eliminating scarcity in modern Capitalism. The Poli replies that you don’t want to make things abundant […]

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