Desert Storm

  This is my favourite piece from Rod Gray’s latest exhibit, Tracking Station (on show at Level 2/39 Little Collins St until Nov 21).  I stumbled upon Rod’s work when I was out for lunch at the Napier Hotel.  More accurately, my wife did, and dragged myself and lizbt up to see his work.  He is […]

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audio, picture and videomail

Warren Ellis said the following in his latest Bad Signal email: Sometimes I wonder why, in the age of ubiquitous webcams and dozens of services, I don’t get more videomail or audiomail. You’d think everyone would have a media-mail account — a separate Gmail account, or a Mailbucket account hooked up to an RSS reader. […]

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Harems, Mormons and Mars

Something Ariana said on the Whitechapel thread about Terraforming Mars has been bubbling away in the back of my head; namely that once we get there we need to breed like heck. Because it’s far cheaper to populate it by ‘ole fashioned reproduction, than to send ships back and forth. And to expand beyond anything […]

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