Holidaze in Cairns

On Doctor’s orders I spent a week in the sun, up in Cairns. Further north in my own country than I’d ever travelled before. Feeling like Byron ordered to warmer climes for his health, trying to channel HST in this photo: Sun was bathed in, tunes were listened to and words were typed. I wrote […]

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Desert Storm

  This is my favourite piece from Rod Gray’s latest exhibit, Tracking Station (on show at Level 2/39 Little Collins St until Nov 21).  I stumbled upon Rod’s work when I was out for lunch at the Napier Hotel.  More accurately, my wife did, and dragged myself and lizbt up to see his work.  He is […]

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Moon review

Imagine an alternate present where the space shuttle hadn’t been such a disaster and the Cold War hadn’t been sole the driver for the space program. Where the dreams of the sixties came true, and the fears of the seventies were never realised. Where the whole Earth is powered by clean energy and humanity has […]

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Media Whores – a tale of pr0n and zombies in a post-post apocalyptic Japan

I discovered JunkDNA when Warren linked to his microfiction writings on Twitter . He describes his work thusly on his MySpace profile: I’m a short story author. I scritch-scratch in a little known genre called BIZARRO (twisted fiction). It is heavily poisoned with cyberpunk, hardboiled, and/or noir elements. I like it like that. As the […]

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new works of Sterling and Stross

Continuing with the reading, I decided move out of my retro cyberpunk phase and back into present. Trundling down to magnation I picked up the latest (January) issues of Fantasy and Science Fiction and Asimov’s. I rarely read these magz. In fact I only seek them out when forewarned that they might contain interesting content. […]

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Metrophage – a review

I don’t know how it is that I haven’t come across the work of Richard Kadrey before. It was only when Warren Ellis linked to his new video blog, Dispatches from Probability Beach, that he appeared on my radar. But from the first story from Kadrey’s mythical town I was immediately a fan. Then something […]

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