Euchronia 2010

It’s back! I had such a blast in 2008 I’ve joined the organising committee for this year’s event. It shall be GRAND! As the flyer says, tickets go on sale at the end of the month. Artists, bands, performers in general will be announced on the website. EXCITING!

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Aussie Steampunks in Rolling Stone

Mad Uncle Cliff is one of three local Steampunks featured in this month’s issue (with the John Lennon cover) of the Australian Rolling Stone: Check out some of his creations in his etsy store; drool over his communicator! I met Cliff after his excellent Steampunk Manifesto presentation at the McSweeneys #32 launch; which, of course, […]

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What I’m doing this NYE

“Euchronia” is a play on words, in this form taken from the Greek “eu”, meaning “good”, and “chronos”, “time”. Time is a central theme of the event, and you may notice things not quite as they should appear in a twenty-first century ball. If you look carefully at the details, you may see evidence of […]

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lessons from Steampunk on Cyberpunk

Been devouring the Steampunk magazines – thanks to a heads up from BoingBoing and Warren – a xerox subsidy that saw me getting caught in pre-longweekend traffic. grr. On my first pass through I’ve skipped the plethora of fiction, preferring the articles examining just what is Steampunk. Mostly defined as a sub-genre of Cyberpunk, that […]

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