..The Sunday Hangover with Warren Ellis (SUNDAY OCTOBER 21 2007)..

from (NSFW) SuicideGirls The Sunday Hangover with Warren Ellis … One of the few people in music who seem to me to be really leaning into the future right now is Burial, the reclusive lofi dubstep wizard whose work conjures fantastic images of a drowned London and haunted electronics. He’s doing his bit to save […]

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Henry Jenkins on retro-futurism

Cory linked to Henry Jenkin’s articles on retro-futurism on one of the BoingBoing posts about (yes) steampunk. Here’s a (long) selection of quotes that I found interesting. ((Note: there’s a printer icon at the bottom of this, this post may be better read offline)) From “The Tomorrow That Never Was”: Retrofuturism in the Comics of […]

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..WALL-E Promo Postcards..

from Paleo-Future WALL-E Promo Postcards In what seems to be another example of postmodern paleo-futurist design (repurposing past visions and versions of the future) we have promotional postcards for the upcoming Disney/Pixar movie WALL-E. Apparently these were given out at Comic-Con 2007. (via The Disney Blog) You can view the teaser trailer for WALL-E here. […]

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videophone didn't kill anything?

from Paleo-Future Vision (Clip 2, 1993) This clip from the 1993 concept video Vision demonstrates why the videophone has never caught on. There is nothing communicated between the characters that necessitates visuals. If the best application of videophone technology you can think of is proving that helicopters exist, there probably isn’t a pressing need for […]

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more on the Postmodern Paleo-Future

Digging through the comments on the original post on the Paleo-Future blog that was the origin of the MungBeing article, I found several of particular note. In the first one Jeff Patterson writes: …Futurism, like evolution, needs to be malliable and adaptable. But more importantly it needs to BE. Having some form of forward-thing running […]

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