Life on the Moon

Welcome, puny humans, to a true tale about life on the Moon. Relax, this isn’t some freshly woven piece of conspiracy theory fit for a post-truth world; everything in this piece is 100% based on science and contains no trace of nuts. Sure, my housemate may repeatedly tell me how he read ‘on the internet’ […]

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In praise of scary books.

  Listen to me read, or read on yourself… There is a book that should be taught in every classroom, that you won’t find in any public library here bar one. I bought a copy of this book, but have been too afraid to read it. That’s not true. I could read it right now. […]

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Grant Morrison on the re-infusion of Gnosticism into pop culture.

“The Gnostic narrative is still valuable and relevant because it concerns itself with what we can call the Matrix, the idea that we live in a simulation of reality that enfolds and engages us, while blinding us and concealing from us the true reality of our existence – the Gnostics were the first to build whole cosmologies around the idea that the universe is somehow fake or counterfeit, the half-assed, broken effort of a jealous, self-deluding demiurge.”

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Words of Power: CRYPTOPTICON

The Cryptopticon – practice saying it, it doesn’t take long: CRYPT-OPT-I-CON – is the shadow mechanism of measurement that facilitates the new systems of control affected by the Surveillance Marketing State… By giving a name to this invisible control mechanism we can bring it into focus, talk about it and confront it. Because when you name something, you have power over of it.

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