Review: DARK EMU

It brings with it an incredibly urgent message – to not just restore the complete history of Australia, but to also restore the land; by demonstrating exhaustively that a far better way to manage and live with it has been proven possible.

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Life on the Moon

Welcome, puny humans, to a true tale about life on the Moon. Relax, this isn’t some freshly woven piece of conspiracy theory fit for a post-truth world; everything in this piece is 100% based on science and contains no trace of nuts. Sure, my housemate may repeatedly tell me how he read ‘on the internet’ […]

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In praise of scary books.

  Listen to me read, or read on yourself… There is a book that should be taught in every classroom, that you won’t find in any public library here bar one. I bought a copy of this book, but have been too afraid to read it. That’s not true. I could read it right now. […]

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