Fight for the future

Here’s the thing; if you stop at “this is not my future” and go no further, then someone else will make their version of the future and I can almost guarantee you’re not going to like it. I can guarantee this because you already don’t like it. We’re living in the future of men who saw people as commodities and human lives as disposable sources of income. It’s not some grand conspiracy, it’s just people who have a vision of the future where the top 2% get richer and the rest of the world… well… you want to be in that 2%, right? And the only way that is going to happen is if you buy into their future and not into the steam-sustainability-and-goggles future, the Ayahuasca-and-shamanism future, the Russian-feminist-ninja future or the Japanese-post-gender-newtype future.

We don’t have nice things because we let other people take them away from us. We have these futures that seem alien to us because we let them happen. I’m including you, me and 99% of all the humans and mutants I have ever met in that “we”, too. We are the reason there are no jetpacks or flying cars or universal distribution of water and food. “We have met the enemy,” as a great man once said, “and he is us”. We contribute to a future that has no place for us in so many ways: inaction, being convinced that we don’t have voices that count, being convinced that the only choices we have are the choices we can buy, despair, alienation… the list goes on and on. We let the beautiful amazing, weird, fucked-up futures we hold next to our hearts die stillborn in the face of futures so alien to most of us that they might as well be dread Cthulhu sleeping beneath the waves.

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