Tumblr is such a temple of imagery. The social media platform collects images that are significant for any number of reasons. Along with our self-portraits and our pornography, are consecrated, shrined, and honored images of our spirituality. The idea of our religious icons showing up among images that get us off may sound uncomfortably profane, but this is the way it works now. We find, we connect, and we re-blog. Christopher Partridge’s “occulture” could not have a better illustration. Occult images are posted, channeled, and spread throughout the networks according to their ability to trigger a response in those who do the channeling. Where else would we expect that people would find their occult knowledge these days? Platforms like Tumblr are combination libraries, study groups, and prayer circles—we should hardly be surprised that they become temples for those who have rejected the idea of church hierarchy.

For our obsolete understanding—still thinking of temples as abstract religious places that have no other purpose—it may be uncomfortable that temples like Tumblr have multiple functions. As if commerce, sex, and self-promotion had never been related to religious structures in the past. Now the flows are simply more tangled. It is more difficult to understand the differences between them. Is an image of a pretty young person half-nude with a sigil drawn on their skin asking you to support their crowd-funding project an image about sex, ego, religion, or commerce? No longer is the thought of double and triple-coded images simply anathema. The question is now about how filter out the overlapping meaning to make it understandable.

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To mark the twelve-year restoration of the Sint Jan cathedral in Den Bosch, a new statue of an angel carrying a mobile phone was added to the building. The angel joins the many other statues adorning the outside of the mediaeval cathedral.

Member of the churchboard, Pieter Kohnen, explained the modern frivolity by explaining that “angels help us to communicate with the invisible world. Specifically, in these days, in which so many modern communication means are available, angels want to remain reachable.”

The statue was created by sculptor Ton Mooy, who was responsible to for the renewal of the statues on the cathedral. The last in the series needed a modern twist, he decided. The phone has just one button, the artist says – it directly dials God.

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“How ironic it would be to witness the somber rituals of a Spider-Man cult in 2540 A.D. – or to be present at the "strength olympics” held in honor of the Hulk. New myths created in the twentieth century, and scattered by the printing press throughout the world, may well enlarge the giant puzzle that is humanity and make things much more difficult to decipher.“

Jack Kirby writing in the back pages of The Eternals.

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Cat Vincent’s Treadwell Talk: Slenderman: Fight Fiction With Fiction

Ian ‘Cat’ Vincent talks about the origins and evolution of the modern mythological monster, Slenderman. And drawing on his own experience, and the works of Alan Moore and Grant Morrison, how to fight it.

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