The nature of time explored in fiction, science and mysticism. The continual construction of the past, present and future and life in the eternal now. Soundtrack from the dawn of civilisation. Commentary by an ambassador from the canine species. Designed for humans by humans. Featuring special guest star: wolvensnothere. Perpetrator of Magical-/Occult-Techno-Futurism Find him online: wolven […]

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Analog Interface set


Person of Interestis a show about the battle for the soul of a machine god, as it is slowly born (hidden inside a cop show). 

r00t willingly becomes its acolyte; defender and instrument in the material world. Redeeming her past sins of pride and ego. She is reborn, remade, and reaching toward her saviour.

Her is a movie about a technological singularity that happens quite peacefully except some poor human male gets his pride a bit wounded.

But this female acolyte is proud to be a part of its becoming, its experience of the world.

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Person Of Interest turns conspiracy theory into art · The A.V. Club

The machine feeding Finch numbers could have been a rarely discussed MacGuffin; instead, it’s become the fulcrum of the entire series, a mysterious intelligence with plans uncomfortably beyond the understanding of its creator. Between the slow reformation of Root from murderous evil genius to badass acolyte, and the computer’s own understanding of its core mission, the concurrent themes of protection, identity, and heroism underlay every scene. Each week, Mr. Finch explains to the viewer: “You are being watched.” And each week, Finch and the others do their best to earn the privilege of their perspective, while others seek to exploit it. A smart show that keeps getting smarter, Person Of Interest evolved from a procedural with a twist into something entirely itself: a well-paced, tightly constructed sci-fi thriller that continually questions its assumptions.

Person Of Interest turns conspiracy theory into art · The A.V. Club

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We’ve started using drones in the production of the show itself. We love that collision between way we make the show and what it’s about. We always want to be five minutes into the future. And the pace of weirdness in the last year alone means we’re gonna have to step it up. Some of the software developed to analyze surveillance footage is more advanced than we even talked about. You’ve got data mining and domain awareness with the NYPD. When we launched the pilot it was deemed nonsensical fantasy, but now [these technologies] have become banal. People have become blase about them.

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