TRUE DETECTIVE & THE INVISIBLES: Gnostic Spoilers Set 1 of 2

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Today’s guest programmer on Multiverse TV, @coldalbion.

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Pitching a Metafictional Planetary Rescue Squad

Like many people I recently binge watched House of Cards. For me that meant the show in its entirety, because I’d quickly dismissed the remake as being far inferior to the supremely Machiavellian original series. But I was convinced to revisit it in light of the second series being dropped, and much recommendation of the first.

What hooked me early on was the backdrop of Energy Politics. Underwood trying to free himself from grip of the Big Oil lobbyists. Scheming to get renewable energy seriously deployed.

Playing chess with the evil billionaire, being a personification of the corrupt nature of Nuclear Power. And the complications involved in securing the rare earth minerals on which solar power, not to mention laptops and smart phones, depend.

Here, I thought, is a show that’s not just about power and politics, but seriously examining a civilisation in phase shift. Moving towards becoming a Type 1 Civilisation. Showing how the fingers of the energy cartels grip the corridors of power, and how that grip might be slipped and a new future born. A bright green future.

Here, I thought, just might be a mundane, contemporary set counterpart to Dracula. While the immediate fantastic comparison was Game of Thrones, just maybe the Fincher led remake was attempting to do more than portray primate politics, but also examine the nature of change on a global scale. Its price; its bloody at all costs, whatever it takes, do not back down, we are hijacking this reality and taking it to its scheduled destination, because we are beyond good and evil actors so don’t mind the ledger.

Nope, that’s just Dracula.

Spoiler: Underwood becomes President at the end of season 2.

The image above is the end moment of the current continuity. Newly minted President Underwood, who’s completed his move from House Whip, through Vice President to now Leader of the Free World TM, without a single vote from Amerika’s citizens. Punching the desk. Keeping his knuckles hard. Ready to defend his place at the top of the primate tree against any attackers.

No closer to overcoming Type 0 Civilisation problems. In fact, he’s the chief cause.

And how did the most weighty of recommendations describe this show? “Because primates.”

(Welcome to 2014: Obama loved this show.)

Because this is #Multiverse TV we turn to considering an expanded metafictional universe. Made all the more possible because if his lawyers are any good, Fincher should have to the rights to make this real (having directed The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and presumably optioned the rest, and healming the (completely unnecessary) Utopia remake).

This was my immediate reaction:

Upon further reflection, in composing this entry, it seems even better to go completely nuts and pitch a 21st Century Planetary Rescue Squad.

The ultimate team up of Nietzschean, ubermensch characters to face off against the biggest, baddest, schemiest primate… a man that shits on the future, and holds all the cards.

The President of the US is something to be overcome.

  • we start with Lisbeth Salander joining Gavin Orsay, his furry familiar, Cashew, gnawing on the bleeding face of that FBI agent that had him literally, and his guardian, underfoot.
  • Salander reaches out to newly styled, no longer woolly jumper wearing, Sarah Lund of Forbrydelsen (The Killing), last seen boarding a plane to bring a billionaire to justice.
  • she in turn reaches out to her compatriot Scandinavian detective of Bron|Broen (The Bridge) fame, Saga Norén.
  • Luther and his gas masking wearing companion, Dr. Alice Morgan, were already hanging out at the Salander Icelandic base, so they’re in.
  • and it just happens that Alice started up a correspondence with a certain reformed serial killer that’s wandering around Alaska, looking for a mission beyond not ruining his family’s life; one Dexter Morgan.
  • And just as their introduction meeting is concluding, through a flash of arc lightening, John Connor and liquid metal Shirley Manson drop back through time, to destroy the past and save the future… again.
  • and lastly, Tesla Boy Gangster himself, Alexander Grayson III (aka Dracula), steps out of the shadows.

[Pose like a Team graphic PENDING]

And the plot computes itself…

…but if you wanna pay me Fincher, call me baby!

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Billionaires And Astrology: Elite Belief Systems   

What does the world look like when you know that mankind is significantly older than is publicly stated, probably originated offworld, possibly on at least one highly anomalous nearby planet, that UFOs are real but are much stranger than aliens and that magic and psi effects work… and yet your primary concern is to become slightly richer?

Getting into space? Well, does there happen to be an entire civilisation built on precise astronomic observations and timings that existed and flourished for longer than we have been around? Can we retrofit any of that tech into the space programme if it will move the needle a little bit? Should we?

Well, yes. Shuttles are expensive. We probably should.

And so we come back to Bush and the Saudis, and Rockefeller and the crop circles. You and I may be philosophically interested in these matters, but at the very top you’re really just looking for strategic advantage.

Will this move the needle? Will I get slightly richer? If the cost of deploying ritual tech is near-zero then of course you’re going to do it. In your heart of hearts, do you really believe that any of the Bushes give the slightest crap that our solar system may well contain vastly ancient offworld ruins?

I am one person removed from an anecdote to do with one of the new crop of space billionaires, but for very obvious reasons you’ll have to ask me about it in person. The gist of it is that no one is “briefed” or “read into” the current conclusions of whoever is formulating such conclusions (it’s unlikely to be a single group, anyway), but they do appear to be quietly told out of the corner of someone’s mouth “you might see some shit up there” and that’s it. There’s money to be made, after all.

Returning to the original question about billionaires and astrology. They don’t believe in it because it is a beautiful cultural expression of mankind’s stellar origins and unique place in the Cosmos, they believe in it because it works.

There is no room on the ledger for anything else.

Billionaires And Astrology: Elite Belief Systems   

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The Outer Church from Grant Morrison’s “The Invisibles” is inexplicably part of my internet community’s zeitgeist this Christmas.

zerosociety: wolvensnothere: a-love-letter-to-atrocity: what the fuck is that about Fucking Royals is what. Mysterious childbirth.  Strangers bearing tribute.  Layer upon layer of co-opted images and occult ritual masquerading as tradition.  Mammon ascendent and the powerful engaging in the most conspicuous consumption.   Sol Invictus?  Nay, Sol-in-Chains is the watchword in the gilded hives of the […]

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