extreme bloggin’ as art

from BruceS Beyond the Beyond we learn about this extreme blogger as artist:

Turbulence Commission: “My Beating Blog” by Yury Gitman with technical assistance from Benjamin Bacon

“My Beating Blog” is an attempt to take the journaling aspect of blogging into a surrealistic future in which the author literally and metaphorically bares his heart.

For three weeks, a series of posts contextualizing heart-rate visualizations, GPS-maps, and personal journal entries will give online users a rare entrance into personal medical-grade statistics, stalker-level location tracking, and the private thoughts of the blogger. Inevitably, issues regarding privacy, exhibitionism, and voyeurism playfully emerge as the blogosphere is infused with biofeedback and location technology.

His About statement gives more info:

As an artist and uber-geek I often find myself struggling with contemporary art and technology. So rarely does our culture ask us to stop, pause, and reflect. We use our talents to create a world of distractions and diversions for ourselves. I challenged myself to make something hi-tech and cool that calms people down and even encourages us to be more aware of our surroundings and ourselves.

One illuminating day while sitting in meditation, I felt my own heartbeat. It was one simple beat. But with that beat I felt how my heart pushed and pulled blood throughout my body. I can’t expect for anyone to understand how moving this was. It was a personal experience. I felt this beat not because of fear or anxiety but because of a heightened sense of relaxation and awareness. And the obvious became more obvious to me –heartbeats move us, affecting our emotions and thoughts. Hearts give us the rhythm of life. This idea seized me and the outcome is My Beating Heart. Enjoy this creation.

..interesting to see how much personal info its possible to post to a blog – I’d love to see this guy working on the other extreme bloggers the MSFT MyLifeBits project..

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