..Young drive ‘radical media shift’..


Young drive ‘radical media shift’

Sixteen to 24 year olds are spurning television, radio and newspapers in favour of online services, says the regulator’s study.

The 2006 Ofcom report also found that increasingly households are turning to broadband and digital TV.

And it notes 1.8 million homes are now using their broadband connections for internet telephone calls.

Sixteen to 24 year olds, it reports, spend nearly three hours on the net each week.

Seventy percent (compared to 41% of the general population) have used some kind of social networking site, such as My Space, and one in five have their own website or blog. Half of the group owns a games console and/or an MP3 player.

But when they do watch TV, it found they are turning away from public service broadcasting in favour of digital channels.

The reduced consumption of other media, such as newspapers, magazines and radio, amongst this age-group compared to the general population, has also thought to have been driven by the net.

A spokesman for Ofcom said: “The speed at which consumption habits for this age group is changing is faster than other groups.

“They are leaving the traditional media and moving towards new media.

“This generation has grown up with new technologies – and it is this generation for whom the uptake is instinctive.”

“We want to find out what it means to turn away from newspapers and public service broadcasting, and to find out the types of news sources they are now favouring.

This could have a major impact on media regulation, public policy and on the political world too.

Mobile phones are also playing an increasingly important role; Ofcom found as many households had a mobile phone as had a landline.

But despite increased consumption, the average household spend on telecoms fell by 5% to £76 a month between 2004 and 2005.

..stats proving what most kids know..

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