Doktor Sleepless is coming to save the future

If anyone’s going save us from this imaginative death of the future, it’s the InternetJesus..

from Warren Ellis‘s livejournal

You are never going into space.
You will never own a jet pack.
Your car will never fly.
HIV will not be cured in your lifetime.
Cancer will not be cured in your lifetime.
The common cold will not be cured in your lifetime.
Don’t these things bother you?

Suicide is the third biggest killer of teenagers in the United States.
In 1999 more people in America died from suicide than from homicide.
Do you think about this?

As anyone who ever read for any period of time know, the leading cause of death in America is automobile accident. This is generally interpolated into a number placed under the heading “accidental death.” When the operation of cars is the leading cause of loss of life I’m not entirely sure how it comes under the term “accidental death.” It wasn’t a fucking accident, it was done by someone with a car. It’s 2007 and we don’t know how to operate cars without killing people. It’s not a fucking accident if it was caused by someone getting into a one-ton metal bullet that cannot be operated with complete control at all times.

In Europe in 2004, 13000 kids – persons under the age of fourteen — died due to poor water. It’s 2007 and the society does not yet understand how to operate water.

Are you thinking about this now?

People keep asking me what DOKTOR SLEEPLESS is about. This is what it’s about.

Someone stole your future. Don’t you ever wonder who?

He spills some more details in this interview:

CH: What sort of super-science can we expect to see in its pages?

WE: I’m extrapolating to only ten to fifteen years from the edge as it is today, so it’s going to be nothing magical. It is, however, going to be strange. I mean, honestly, when consumers and homebrewers find out that you can coat buckytubes so they don’t rot in the human body, all bets will be off.

CH: Finally, you’ve said that a wiki will shadow the comics. Can you give us a hint about what sort of content the wiki will contain?

WE: Everything in the book — everything — has its own backstory. It’s going to be like having a cheat sheet for the entire world, like a noospherical manual for reality.


Oh, and the script for the very first page is here.


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