Real Drive Episode 01 (Urashima Drive) Synopsis Translation


Due to premiere at the ungodly hour of “25:29” (that’s 1:30AM for you normal folk) on the morning of the 9th (though the website says the 8th). As I understand it, this is the hour that Nippon TV believes its demography for this show is actually up. The demography being salarymen between the ages of 20 to 40 who have just gotten home from a long day’s work. I kid you not. This is the same timeslot that Cowboy Bebop originally premiered in as well, so NTV may not be completely off its rocker. Fortunately, starting in May, the ANIMAX cable anime station will put it on sometime after 10PM.

Here is a translation (by yours truly) of the first episode synopsis taken from the original NTV site.


“Urashima Drive”
In the year 2012, open water diver Haru falls victim to the “Burning Ocean” phenomenon, putting him in a coma for nearly 50 years. It is now 2061! This is the story of e-brain diver Haru and his investigations into the arising problems between the real world (aka The Real) and the information network dubbed Metal Real Network (aka The Metal). Having awakened to find himself a wheelchair-bound old man, Haru sinks into despair… until a young school girl calling herself Minamo pays him a visit.

Translation © 2008, Made in DNA

Feel free to share this translation as long as you keep my name on it, the translation completely intact, and provide a link back to this entry. Thank you.

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