The establishment of Geroscience can be compared to the formation of Neuroscience nearly four decades ago, which combined knowledge from brain anatomy, neurochemistry, neurophysiology, behavioral sciences and other areas to create a new interdisciplinary field. Geroscience at the Buck Institute initially will include molecular genetics, biochemistry, cell biology, chemical biology, cancer biology, Alzheimer’s disease research, endocrinology, invertebrate aging, nutrition, bioenergetics, Parkinson’s disease research, molecular epidemiology, Huntington’s disease research, ischemia (stroke), proteomics, human embryonic stem cells, genomic stability and statistics, among others. Over the coming years the Buck Institute hopes to attract researchers from fields as disparate as physics, anthropology, engineering and mathematics, many of whom may have no background in Geroscience and may not initially think of themselves as researchers in this new field.

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