Climate change deniers are just as mad as the “Intelligent Design” crowd, and exploiting the same “logic” of it all being ‘*just* a theory’.
I’m sorry but you don’t get to choose which parts of science you want to believe in. It’s all or nothing. So hand over your mobile phone and interent access and go live in the woods Unabomber style or STFU.
The only reason there are Deniers in the first place is because the vested interests are funding them from the millions and billions of dollars they’re making, knowing full well it’s the wrong thing. It’s no different from the cigarette companies in the 1970s, and so many other crimes against humanity before that.
Of course zealotry on both sides is the big problem here. Hair-shirt Environmentalism is not the way forward, and those guys can go live in the woods too, sans Internet access.
Heavy Weather is a *fact*; it’s a reality that people around the world are experiencing and being brutalized by. It does not matter weather it’s a *natural* change in the Earth’s _normal_ weather patterns, or the latest consequence of mankinds actions. Plus, anyone (excluding the I.D people obviously) with a real understanding of the history of our planet knows that the Earth’s weather patterns have always been influenced, nay created the living organisms inhabiting it. So regardless of the what science shows/finds today or tomorrow, it’s all situation normal either way.
Viridianism is the only way forward.

from Futurismic
– wherein I call bullshit on all climate sceptics and creationists too for that matter

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