But the bourgeoisie proper –the co-coordinating, managerial classes- are always cast as villains. In “To Live With Fear” Mary Ingalls is hurt by horse and needs surgery. Though the doctor is a good fellow who wants to do the right thing, the man in charge of the hospital finances, refuses to extend Charles credit. That is, until he is threatened with direct action.

To earn the money to pay him, Charles works in a dangerous and desperate job, dynamiting a hole through a tunnel, and takes irresponsible risks at the behest of his foreman, who is working at the behest of a railway executive. This is an example of the power relationships in hierarchy. The lowest manager, Charles, runs risks because he is desperate, the one above him does so from fear of being fired and the man above him, does so from sheer greed. The men at the bottom are killed by this sick dynamic.

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