Last month, prince of partying Andrew W.K. took to his Twitter account to defend his name against accusations that he was an imposter. The accusations come from a complicated internet rumour claiming that the original Andrew W.K. was an entirely different person named Steev Mike. W.K. has been defending himself for years against this allegation. However, he’s now changed his story.

The Daily Swarm points to a lengthy video on RockFeedBack, where a recent UK lecture from the rocker has all sorts of confessions. The talk, which can be seen here, has W.K. flat out admitting that he wasn’t the original performer, saying, “I’m not the guy you’ve seen from the I Get Wet album… I’m not that same person. I don’t just mean that in a philosophical or conceptual way. It’s not the same person at all.”

He goes on to say that the character was developed by a committee “in the spirit of commerce.” W.K. does not mention Steev Mike, and still leaves some wide open questions about his own true identity. Most of all, this blows the whole case about who Andrew W.K. is wide open. Perhaps his Twitter account, which was home to some very defensive Tweets last month, is run by a different person?

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