Magical activism in today’s apocalypse finds its utility in the preservation of culture and the erosion of propaganda, not picking fights with erupting volcanoes.

We are in the “Rivendell Phase” of the west’s decline. We all need to be the ‘The Last Homely House East of the Sea’.

We keep talking about ‘the economy might collapse or is collapsing’. Forget that. It’s collapsed. The old economy has collapsed and the new one is flush with the trillions that have been hoovered out of the old one.

The best advice I can give is to grid housing affordability, industrial growth and unemployment by city and move to the one that best matches.

As for keeping your head held high, speaking from direct experience, that one is indeed a toughie. It is easier said than done to locate your sense of self-worth away from the method by which you exchange your time to accrue a fiat currency but it needs to be done.

Remember that you have incarnated at the beginning of the next Industrial Revolution, as well as Peak Everything. If you are genuinely doing all that you can (including being willing to move), then you can seek solace in the simple arithmetic of a growing number of people and a diminishing number of jobs.

“A wizard’s guide to surviving the Collapse.” From

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(via fuckyeahdarkextropian)

What I’m hearing gordonwhite is that we should be joining the Techno Mage fleet fleeing the oncoming Shadow War.

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