COMING SOON: Asteroid Awareness Day


“Preparations for Asteroid Awareness Day will be unveiled alongside a declaration signed by leading figures that calls on governments, private companies and philanthropists to back technologies that spot and track space rocks that might one day slam into Earth. Signed by Lord Rees, the astronomer royal, Ed Lu, a former shuttle astronaut, and Brian May of rock group Queen, the declaration calls for a 100-fold speeding up of the search for dangerous asteroids and the adoption of Asteroid Awareness Day on 30 June 2015. “We want to get a groundswell of support from people who understand that this is an issue that’s not only important, but one that we can change,” said Lu, who visited Mir and the International Space Station. “We do, at some point, have to solve this problem. There is a clock ticking on us, we just can’t see the clock. We don’t know when the next major impact is going to happen.” The awareness day, which may involve a Live Aid-style concert, coincides with the anniversary of an asteroid strike in 1908 which flattened 2000 sq km of conifer forest in Tunguska in Siberia. The inbound space rock, some 80 metres across, exploded in the air with the force of a large hydrogen bomb.”

— Asteroid strike warnings build towards campaigners’ big day of rock

We got your poster art right here:


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