Uplifting Civilisation and Introducing the Great Extropian Adventure

I liked this short film so much I wrote a 3000 word essay about it and the Great Extropian Adventure. Co-starring cyborg dolphins and manatees tweeting from asteroid ecologies – Uplifting Civilisation into the 22nd Century…and Beyond!:

“And that is the tone I’d like to have set for the immediate future. Adjust our scope to always have 2200 in our vision and it’s easy to see what we have to do between now and 2020. When you’re already extending your thinking to giving AIs the vote, gay marriage takes less than a nanosecond to compute. When your idea of the world to come has celebrity cyborg animals in space being verified on Twitter, having compassion for those unlucky humans fleeing states collapsing from internal wars or externally generated heavy weather events (or both) is a trivial act.”

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