on the native culture of self-aware science-fictional citizens, with Bruce Sterling

Think atemporally and act in the moment.

Write the manifestos, but write them with an expiration date.

So you’re a self-aware science-fictional citizen in a post-cyberpunk, post-Snowden, hypermediated, ecologically collapsing world.

Everybody says nobody reads, but it’s a meme and it got 100000 Likes on Facebook, and a subreddit dedicated to it, and is the subject of an incomprehensible sequence of reblogs on tumblr where everybody is inserting references and making call-outs to their friends and various communities and there’s several flavours of satirical twitter accounts dedicated to the subject and a noonereads_ebooks account and…

Still you struggle to effectively express yourself. To find your voice. To develop an audience for your work.

Maybe what you need right now is to watch a good old-fashioned cyberpunk rank from the master, Bruce Sterling. That’s completely self-aware and meta and deconstructing itself and providing a historical context for its very existence and offering lessons to its small lecture room full of partially attentive humans that are constantly itching to check their black mirrors for any missed notifications, and whoever comes to watch the recording.

Like, what’s your medium now? Is it Medium? Isn’t that just a content platform though? Should you build a bot instead maybe? Or just sell out and write semi-subversive, super hip advertising copy. Or design fiction. And what’s the difference between those two; like really???

cyberdeck neuromancer hosaka osc7 ono-sendai tumblr_nmpoxsp7FN1syrjl3o1_1280

So sit back for a full dose of theory and maybe it will clear things up a bit. But if you’re scanning through this, unsure whether to invest time in a long watch, here’s the meat at the end pulled out for you… a chunk just big enough to make you want to go back and watch the full video… which I’ve ripped out and uploaded to SoundCloud because it’s 100x quicker than transcribing it, and being a -inhale- self-aware science-fictional citizen of the no longer new media everyday postcyberpunk hypermediated condition -exhale- means being familiar and conversant and quietly capable with more than just word processing software, it’s being able to use an interlocking set of multimedia editing tools to generate snazzy, shareable blog content. That’s if the title was link-baity enough to make you click through in the first place.

Alright, that’s enough eye ball kicks and of the now, soon to be past their use-by-date references. I’m cyber ghostin’, baby.

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