Lovecraftian Cyborgs for Beginners

Thanks to my channel surfing housemate I stumbled on the final episode of the documentary The Brain with David Eagleman when it aired here recently (as Secrets of the Brain, for some reason).

This short clip from it is a perfect primer on the Lovecraftian Cyborg future of better living through artificial senses:

If you don’t know what I mean by those words, you can go back and read my 3-part series Lovecraftian Cyborgs & the Alien Aesthetic.

Or patiently wait for me to find time to update it and drop the eBook version. Sometime before (or frankly, more likely during) the fall of the Empire; or my escape from its continuation.

Here’s that episode in full – which begins by explaining just how freaking amazing neuroplasticity is and ends by making a slightly not completely insane materialist case for mind uploading.

If he’s correct about the imminence of a fully Kurzweilian non-biological, posthuman condition, those that are afforded the opportunity might choose to live “forever,” and catch a ride on a computer chip to the next star system on the Breakthrough Starshot mission… that, or someone else may just start a religion that promises anyone a literal ascent to the heavens in exchange for all their worldly gods. Hmmmm.

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