Peymanic paradigms

Peyman said lots of things. That’s what he did: put ideas out, put them in circulation. He did this via publications, websites, talks at conferences; via the quasi-governmental think tanks he was constantly invited to head up, or the interviews he’d give in the trade press. His ideas took the form of aphorisms: Location is […]

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Dr. Martens

Pattern Recognition – Chapter 29: Protocol His shoes are black four-eyelet DMs, the ur-Martens of the first decade of punk, long since de-recontextualized into the inexpensive everyman’s footwear they’d been designed to be. Dr. Martens: The postmen, factory workers and transport unions who had initially bought the boot by the thousand, were joined by rejects, […]

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The Bigend-Draperist Playlist

There is a new cult on the Internet. The cult of Bigend-Draperism. Led by the constantly moving Ben Hammersley, it attempts to synthesize the philosophies of those fictional creatures (Donald Draper and Hubertus Bigend), standing at opposite ends of this period of History we find ourselves in, into a Guide to Living. Sometimes just a […]

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Reflections on Zero History

Attention Conversation Notice: SPOILERS!  Big giant ones.  Also, not a review – though it may contain traces of one.  The author reserves the right to wax lyrical, reminisce, draw inappropriate comparisons between his own life and that of Gibson’s protagonists and slowly wander back to the subject at hand.  Highly dependant on the reader having […]

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