The Bigend-Draperist Playlist

There is a new cult on the Internet. The cult of Bigend-Draperism. Led by the constantly moving Ben Hammersley, it attempts to synthesize the philosophies of those fictional creatures (Donald Draper and Hubertus Bigend), standing at opposite ends of this period of History we find ourselves in, into a Guide to Living. Sometimes just a little Jason Bourne is added in, just to keep things interesting.

The following playlist is an attempt to capture the gestalt of this philosophy not just with the music, but also the visuals accompanying them.

It is a work in progress, and has been built with the help of the following Fellow Travellers: thedaniel, lizbt, catvincent and justinpickard.

Additional submissions to help further flesh this out will be appreciated, but must first be approved by a secret committee of people standing in internet-linked Vegas Rooms, before being added.

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