My current musical obsessions

Ayshay (Fatima Al Qadiri) I’ve been obsessively listening to Ayshay since discovering a video of hers, so far the only one, on a friend’s Facebook wall. Born in Senegal, raised in Kuwait and currently based in Brooklyn, New York; her music is about what you’d expect given that. Am I the only one detecting a […]

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The Bigend-Draperist Playlist

There is a new cult on the Internet. The cult of Bigend-Draperism. Led by the constantly moving Ben Hammersley, it attempts to synthesize the philosophies of those fictional creatures (Donald Draper and Hubertus Bigend), standing at opposite ends of this period of History we find ourselves in, into a Guide to Living. Sometimes just a […]

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Sad Kermit

Kermit covers the NIN song Hurt. (Note: this is a total perversion of everything the Muppets stood for, and it’s NotSafeForWork viewing as it features puppet2puppet simulated-sex)

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