what do you build at the end of the End of History?

“If we want to build a.. or live, enjoy… the fruits of a better world. If we want to make sure that the rights that we have encoded into our laws are actually reliable. That we live with them and pass them to our children. This will never be the work of politicians. This can only be the work of the people. Of the population. Because politicians do not simply do what they think is best. They do what they think people want to hear. They do what they think will gain them support. And ultimately if we want to see a change we must force it through ourselves. If we want to have a better world we can’t hope for an Obama, and we should not fear a Donald Trump, rather we should build it ourselves.”

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Cat Vincent’s Treadwell Talk – Science Fiction’s Gifts to Paganism

catvincent talking all things pagan and science fiction. Breaking down the hyperreal; weaving together fact and fiction, magic and history in under an hour. All narratives are wrong, but some are useful and this is his. Watch. Understand the high strangeness of the science fictional condition and its occulted mystical lining. Click. Play. NOW

Footnotes at http://www.catvincent.com/?p=1258#more-1258

if you like this and want more Cat Vincent​ – check out his appearance on my podcast here

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