Transmission #4 of the Cosmic Anthropology Broadcast System: The Team Machine Chat Prologue

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Accelerating along the road ahead, from 2015 to 2020, with one eye always on 2200. OK. Let’s go!

It is, I am reliably informed, 2015 now. This year so far has been off to a slow start for me, mostly due to reasons. But there is a great weight to my plans. Moving them forwards, accelerating the mass of what-is-to-come towards escape velocity, will take some time still, but things are, be assured, […]

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William Gibson on sci-fi cinema | BFI

In his BFI Sci-Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder keynote lecture [CLICK THROUH FOR EMBEDDED VIDEO], acclaimed author William Gibson joins novelist Nick Harkaway to discuss cinematic cyberpunk and the origins of the term cyberspace. Gibson also reveals his love of District 9 (2009) and reflects upon his experience writing for The X-Files.

On how he came to invent cyberspace as setting for his fiction:

“by the late 70s I had a very jaundiced view of the last little while of popular imagined futures and I wanted… it wasn’t resonant for me, if nothing else. I wanted to find something else that was more resonant, for me, of the possible.”

* the goo of District 9’s weapons as the future of interface to data via clarkean magix

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A selection of my thoughts on Mad Max – Fury Road, based soley on the trailer

Mad Max: Fury Road will show us a glimpse into the full Collapse future. (Let’s be honest, we know exactly how this movie will play out, it’s highly unlikely that it will have a twist ending with it all occurring in a VR simulator as a generation of posthumans kill time in some fan-fic recreation of the past, on their way to seeding a new galaxy.) Again.

It’s worth pointing out that the original film was created in reaction to the early 1970s oil crisis, but that we’re now living in the days of Peak Oil proper. Where another energy catastrophe and subsequent societal collapse is being held off in large part by frakking the planet; a word that sounds bad enough, without it already being a pejorative from a fictional scifi timeline (BSG). That’s already triggering earthquakes. And the western democracies are doing it on their home turf too; though mostly in territory deemed politically expendable to their current administrations.Where land grabs on an unprecedented scale are being termed geoengineering.

We are a worldwide civilisation coasting with the fuel gauge nearing empty, thinking there must be another service station just over the horizon. So crank up the radio, let’s sing along to some tunes, it’ll be just fiiiiiiiine.

Thinking about this as “the pre Jackpot Years” helps us reframe the narrative. Something better can come out of all this. This doesn’t have to be the prelude to a future high-speed, nightmarish post-apocalypse, worse than the slow motion one we’re in now. We don’t have to wait for it to accelerate into an unavoidable crash and collapse. There is no techomagical Singularity that will save us. We must wake up behind the wheel and plot a new path on the map of the possible. Our civilisation survived the twentieth century and everyday Fear of the Bomb. We can make it through this too, and build something better. All the pieces are here already, waiting to be recombined. From advances in automated factories and 3D Printing to basic science and amazing speculations on the origins of life.

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Buzz Rickson's

Pattern Recognition – Chapter 23:  Dickheads The rain has stopped but drops still fall from ledges and awnings, beading on the nylon of her new Rickson’s.  Absently she reaches to touch the place where the tape should be, but it isn’t there.  No hole.  History erased via substitution of an identical object. Pattern Recognition – […]

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