Buzz Rickson's

Pattern RecognitionChapter 23:  Dickheads

The rain has stopped but drops still fall from ledges and awnings, beading on the nylon of her new Rickson’s.  Absently she reaches to touch the place where the tape should be, but it isn’t there.  No hole.  History erased via substitution of an identical object.

Pattern Recognition Chapter 2: Bitch

The Rickson’s is a fanatical museum-grade replica of a U.S MA-1 flying-jacket, as purely functional and iconic a garment as the previous century produced… having been created by Japanese obsessives drive by passions having nothing at all to do with anything remotely like fashion.

Cayce knows, for instance, that the characteristically wrinkled seams down either arm were originally the result of sewing with pre-war industrial machines that rebelled against the slippery new material, nylon.  The makers of the Rickson’s have exaggerated this, but only very slightly, and done a hundred other things, tiny things, as well, so that their product has become, in some very Japanese way, the result of an act of worship.  It is an imitation more real somehow than that which it emulates.  It is easily the most expensive garment Cayce owns, and would be virtually impossible to replace.

History Preservation Associates:

We are proud to present the esteemed Japanese-made brand of vintage military jackets – Buzz Rickson’s! Buzz Rickson’s range of nylon USAF flying jackets, WWII U. S. Army tanker jackets and U. S. Navy deck jackets is the finest, most authentic available in the world today. Until now, this brand has been available exclusively in Japan, and mostly known in America by only the most devout and informed flying jacket or military jacket enthusiasts. Those outside of Japan have found it hard to obtain anything from this range of specialty clothing, and usually the sizes are, at the largest, limited to 34-42. It is not uncommon for customers in Japan to wait over a year to obtain certain jacket styles of their choice, such as the tanker jacket, B-15 or MA-1. This is due to the great demand for this brand of unmatched quality and authenticity, as well for that fact that these goods are produced just once every year and released in the fall. When the Buzz Rickson dealers sell out of a certain jacket style or size they carry there can rarely be replenishment of dealer stock until the fall of the next year as little or no reserve stock is kept at Buzz Rickson’s corporate headquarters. Similarly, some jacket styles are special editions that are produced once and not repeated again, thus perpetuating the desirability of the goods and a mystical aura of the unobtainable. It is not uncommon for customers to collect the special editions, as they have become collector items in their own right.

As the sole agent in the USA for Buzz Rickson’s, we are responsible for creating a size range that is inclusive of the bigger sizes required for marketing jackets in North America and Europe – one that incorporates 44, 46 and 48 – as well as for bringing all those passionate fans of the William Gibson novel, “Pattern Recognition,” the heretofore non-existent Buzz Rickson’s black MA-1 jacket worn by fictionalized heroine Cayce Pollard.


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