IT’S NOT A WAR, IT’S A RESCUE MISSION! [re-released from the archives]

This is a re-release of my essay It’s Not A War, It’s A Rescue Mission – originally published on the now defunct website,, March 7th, 2011. Also available in this PDF version – (thanks lizbt!) And translated into Spanish, courtesy of @Rabbitz – No es una guerra, es una misión de rescate [PDF] – I’ve chosen to publish this […]

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Geek Pie

Some quick meta-fictional notes on my continued obsession with the world of Nathan Barley… Brooker began writing a TV review column entitled “Screen Burn” for The Guardian newspaper’s Saturday entertainment supplement The Guide in 2000, a role he continued through to October 2010. In the final column[4], he noted how increasingly difficult he found it […]

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Buzz Rickson's

Pattern Recognition – Chapter 23:  Dickheads The rain has stopped but drops still fall from ledges and awnings, beading on the nylon of her new Rickson’s.  Absently she reaches to touch the place where the tape should be, but it isn’t there.  No hole.  History erased via substitution of an identical object. Pattern Recognition – […]

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The Uniform

CPU’s: Cayce Pollard Units by transceiverfrequency featuring black tops Pattern Recognition – Chapter 2: Bitch CPUs for the meeting, reflected in the window of a Soho specialist in mod paraphernalia, are a fresh Fruit T-shirt, her black Buzz Rickson’s MA-1, anonymous black skirt from a Tulsa thrift, the black leggings she’d worn for Pilates, black […]

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