Slate article on future of “tv”

It has now been 20 days since Apple announced it would sell selected ABC-Disney television programs via iTunes. As of Monday, iTunes customers had bought more than than 1 million videos. At first glance, these sales figures seem like another nail in the coffin of broadcast television. If we can get television content online, on demand, whenever we want it, how will networks convince us to tune in on their schedules? For that matter, how can they be certain we’ll tune in at all?

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Google TV is here

This is so freaking cool. Google have beaten everyone else to the game and will be releasing their own IP TV. I’m guessing this is what all the secret, 1337 only, meetings have been about lately. Obviously, someone’s talked though: Watch shows through Google TV | This is Money Watch shows through Google TV Mark […]

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coming soon.. Nerd TV..

PBS | I, Cringely . July 7, 2005 – Pod Person NerdTV is pretty much as I described it back in 2002: a downloadable video show that features long-form interviews with notable nerds. I was definitely ahead of the curve with that download feature. What has changed about the show is just the episode length, […]

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