Transmissions of a Cosmic Anthropologist is ready for your podcatching apps

The first full length episode of my new podcast is online. You can listen to it at the embed below. There’s detailed show notes over on my tumblr. It’s all about TIME and features special-guest @Wolven. You can subscribe to the podcast at the following locations: iTunes Stitcher SoundCloud Feedburner I’ve opened up a feedback […]

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Program Update: now in stereo

  I upgraded WordPress here the other day, so it must be time for another update. What’s been happening? Well there’s this interview Team Grinding participated in, where I say typically me things like: Saving the world as penance for the sins our fathers, building a life worth being near immortal in, then exploring the […]

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Program Update

This is a screenshot of m1k3y tv: This is the lifestyle of the technomad; those formerly knowns as the Wifi Bedouin. Our bodies are but meat pointers to the internet. Our work alive and active, whilst we sleep, rest, play, scheme… or create. Cyberspace is the realm from which I’m speaking to you now. Not […]

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