Lady Shiva, The Destroyer of Hearts

you thought weaponized cuteness was only for non-humans. you were _____

That was me, in the Age of Disco, with my dog Sport… appropriately enough, attempting to compete in a race. Some vague time after that he got out of the house and failed to defeat an automobile in single combat.

Flash-forward to time of the twentyonecent… a new challenger arrives! Meet Lady Shiva, The Destroyer of Hearts in this dynamically updating Flickr album. Its still current at the END OF TIME, doncha know:

Lady Shiva, Destroyer of Hearts

As is THE LAW, she’s been RFID chipped, and as is THE CUSTOM, got a matching tattoo inside her ear, so that the kind and gentle folk of Animal Control know to scan her. So I thought it fair enough, since her very existence and entry into my life has revealed the power of LIFE ITSELF over the TechnoTechno Virtual, that I also mark our relationship with a tattoo (especially since, she is but The First of a long line of Cloned Shivas to accompany me through Singularity and into the Posthuman Era ((yes, she’ll get matching upgrades too, damnit)))

And in the event I chip myself, I’ll get another tattoo to match too. BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!! Paleo Amen.

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