Adventures in Extinction Aesthetic Writing

Time for another update on all things Dark Extropian and Extinction Culture related. On being self-aware citizens of the science-fictional condition in the midst of the Sixth Mass Extinction. Whilst continuing to explore aspects of the Dark Extropian philosophy on the (De)Extinction Club newsletter and related Extinction Aesthetic cultural criticism at Daily Grail, I have just recently […]

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Program Update

This is a screenshot of m1k3y tv: This is the lifestyle of the technomad; those formerly knowns as the Wifi Bedouin. Our bodies are but meat pointers to the internet. Our work alive and active, whilst we sleep, rest, play, scheme… or create. Cyberspace is the realm from which I’m speaking to you now. Not […]

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hair me now

The other night Jess & Lizbt came over to my house for a supervillain makeover. Jess gave me some villainous streaks to go with the cut I’d got at the local hipster barber. How hipster is it? Well, a guy from a commercial tv news show came in to shoot some b-roll footage for a […]

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The Nines (IX)

                That is the trailer for The Nines. Except there’s nothing there, because the official trailer is… a tad spoilery. This is not a film you want spoilered, no. When I sat down to watch The Nines I was expecting another over-looked spiritual/mystical indie gem, as it had been […]

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