The Nines (IX)









That is the trailer for The Nines. Except there’s nothing there, because the official trailer is… a tad spoilery. This is not a film you want spoilered, no.

When I sat down to watch The Nines I was expecting another over-looked spiritual/mystical indie gem, as it had been recommended to me by trusted ally Ian ‘Cat’ Vincent. He has exposed me to INK and SKELETONS, both very much worth watching.

But this film was something different, something more… Something you best experience yourself without my words in your mind. For the moment.

Recently I rewatched it, with the classic cult, mystical film The Holy Mountain, the film that welcomed me to 2012.

After that second viewing one image stuck with me:



I knew what I had to do (this sentence makes sense if you re-read after watching the film:


One more to go and my RL Avatar will match my mental self-image (again).

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