Jennifer Goine’s DeExtinction speech in the 12 Monkeys finale.

Jennifer Goine’s over the top and loving it DeExtinction speech in the 12 Monkeys finale.

“One more thing; the Dodo. Silly thing, couldn’t fly. Too fat. Flapped its wings futilely, into extinction!

My father created Markridge as a place to defy the order of things, to ignore the rules. To laugh at Mother Nature and spit in the face of Father Time.

Beginning today, Markridge will start repairing the damage that men like my father have done to this world. Through genetic manipulation we will give new birth to what man has so arrogantly made extinct. The lease is up. Time to give the world back to its rightful owners. The animals! The lions and tigers and bears… the furry faced caretakers…[inaudible]


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Nathan Barley was right

The show that is, not the main character. Let me explain.  I was sitting with Court3nay on Friday afternoon, in Little Creatures, after an expedition up and down Brunswick St, seeking clothing worthy of purchase.  He was telling me about the smartphone app Bump and all the fun ways people have found to use it. […]

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