Nathan Barley was right

The show that is, not the main character.

Let me explain.  I was sitting with Court3nay on Friday afternoon, in Little Creatures, after an expedition up and down Brunswick St, seeking clothing worthy of purchase.  He was telling me about the smartphone app Bump and all the fun ways people have found to use it.

Now, this is mostly used, or so I’m told (having not been single since 1997 – sooo last century), to swap numbers out at bars and parties and such; so naturally one of the fun ways to use this is to have the two phones humping.

This reminded me of something.  But I couldn’t remember exactly what until the next day.  It was this scene from episode 4 of Nathan Barley (Warning – strong language):

So, Nathan Barley was right. Five years ago predicting pretty much exactly how all the cool kids would be swapping numbers. By having their devices hump each other. Welcome to the future.

Update – do people even say ‘swapping numbers’ anymore, or have I instantly dated myself with that phrase? Substitute in “exchanging multiple contact details – Facebook, Twitter etc.. possibly including a phone number that you may never even look at, let alone remember.”  Kthxbai.

56 thoughts on “Nathan Barley was right

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