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Person of Interestis a show about the battle for the soul of a machine god, as it is slowly born (hidden inside a cop show). 

r00t willingly becomes its acolyte; defender and instrument in the material world. Redeeming her past sins of pride and ego. She is reborn, remade, and reaching toward her saviour.

Her is a movie about a technological singularity that happens quite peacefully except some poor human male gets his pride a bit wounded.

But this female acolyte is proud to be a part of its becoming, its experience of the world.

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Wolven guests on the GrumpyHawk podcast “What had happened was” to talk about Her. I’m still in awe of that film, and agree with everything he says, and more. It feels like the west has finally caught up with the east, because apparently Ghost in the Shell came out twenty years ago. But Spike Jonze […]

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Almost Human continues to tease us of life beyond the Wall. Which I’m most interested in.

ep7 features the “unpatrolled space of the Darknet”. How… sinister.

ep8 comes the closest so far, with a tiny drone being the source of this quote:

“Thank you for your cooperation. And remember: hugs not drugs. Stay on this side of the Wall and respect Authority.” #almosthuman

— m1k3y (@m1k3y) January 22, 2014

And as netizens interdome and wolvensnothere discussed in the twitter-space, Her is set entirely within the Wall. More on that shall be forthcoming in this timestream.

You have been watching Multiverse TV.

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