Wolven guests on the GrumpyHawk podcast “What had happened was” to talk about Her.

I’m still in awe of that film, and agree with everything he says, and more. It feels like the west has finally caught up with the east, because apparently Ghost in the Shell came out twenty years ago. But Spike Jonze has made an almost mundane sf here. Almost…

But compare Her to S1mone and whoa. Progress has been made in the near contemporary Hollywood posthuman romance genre. Which is now a thing. Natch.

And the complex, nuanced depiction of the issues surrounding the evolution of machine intelligence, coming so soon after I’d finished playing through Mass Effect 3 and the problems I had with how the Geth and other AI kin are treated by that story… Such a relief.

Speaking of corners of the internet where such issues as “man machine coevolution” and “the nature of consciousness” and “upload problems” and other light dinner talk have been discussed for years now, wolvensnothere’s just joined the @GrinderBot tumblr team.

In a future episode of Multiverse TV, occurring somewhere just past the timestream marker where I have broadband properly set up at Cosmic Anthropologist HQ, Wolven and I will delve far deeper all of the above, via some form of linear av packaged galactic broadcast. Stay tuned!

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