Sunken Lands Sync Log: from Dogger Island to Sundaland

  People lived on Dogger Island 7000 years ago. It now lies beneath the North Sea. #archaeology — Matthew Ward (@HistoryNeedsYou) September 21, 2014 // Shall we play a game of synchronicity? Like, say you wake up and scoop this tweet out of your Matrix like information flow timeline. Google Alt-Earth To which @changeist […]

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The more conservative the magical tradition, the more answers it seems to have. Experience a profound sync? That’s your Yetzirah blah blah HGA. I find this leap to explanation hugely, hugely annoying, especially when it emanates from worldviews that have leapfrogged the discovery of antibiotics, nuclear power, commercial space travel, the rise of quantum physics and the formation of a global mobile network of more than two billion human beings with minimal intervening change.

You could make the case that a magical persona is itself a skeuomorph. And, actually, there is merit in such an approach. Adopting a culturally familiar identity makes for easier onboarding as long as it is with the intention of assessing or engaging with data over a wider spectrum. Here is where the road forks between genuine enquiry and LARPing. In light of the intervening 120 years of astronomy and space science, there is no getting around the observation that core magical texts are riddled not only with blatant astrotheology but also encounters with Unexplained Aerial Phenomena. This provides fertile ground for magical experimentation that is rarely sewn. Be the skeuomorph, do not live the skeuomorph.

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Roll Your Own Culture, a chat with Gordon White of A free wheeling chat with gordonwhite of on building your own reality map. Drawing upon chaos magic, gnosticism, and the strength of fictional works. Looking at topics such as the billionaire world view, the Secret Space Program, Nazi Science and the Nazi International. […]

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And now, a message from Station Management… Just in case you’re wondering who the audience really is for Multiverse TV Somewhere around and a bit past Type 3, you are essentially talking about all-powerful, multi-dimensional beings of pure light. And given the relatively brief timescales involved, the Kardashev Scale actually provides a neat solve for The […]

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In the interview embedded above he tells the story of when Armstrong was a guest of honour at the White House in 1994. At the end of his speech he turns to the assembled high school students and says: “There are wonders beyond belief on the moon for those who can remove truth’s protective layers.”

Two things. Officially there aren’t wonders beyond belief on the moon. It’s boring. And since when does truth practice safe sex?

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The complete inability to have a mature discussion about the woeful shortcomings of the official Egyptological story as espoused by notorious Anti-Semites, without someone assuming you’re about to say “aliens” is so fucking convenient for mainstream academics that you would be forgiven for thinking it was a deliberate conspiracy.

It’s like someone labelling you a truther because you dare to suspect that a bloodthirsty shadow state with a seventy year history of lying may have lied to you in its thirst for blood. This is known as ‘shaping’ or ‘framing’ and it is the last resort of morons who know they are in the wrong and hope you’ll just go away.

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Your Boring, Crowded Universe: The Whisky Rant (Part 6)

Your Boring, Crowded Universe: The Whisky Rant (Part 6)

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So much of the world is casting around for a new map of reality, as this materialist/banking/spook/hydrocarbon warfare one has been found extremely wanting. The majority of the population is punchdrunk from the last twelve months of revelations of things you and I have always known. If you do or say nothing at this juncture, then eventually their drunkenness will wear off, replaced by the sobriety of the old materialist map.

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Billionaires And Astrology: Elite Belief Systems   

What does the world look like when you know that mankind is significantly older than is publicly stated, probably originated offworld, possibly on at least one highly anomalous nearby planet, that UFOs are real but are much stranger than aliens and that magic and psi effects work… and yet your primary concern is to become slightly richer?

Getting into space? Well, does there happen to be an entire civilisation built on precise astronomic observations and timings that existed and flourished for longer than we have been around? Can we retrofit any of that tech into the space programme if it will move the needle a little bit? Should we?

Well, yes. Shuttles are expensive. We probably should.

And so we come back to Bush and the Saudis, and Rockefeller and the crop circles. You and I may be philosophically interested in these matters, but at the very top you’re really just looking for strategic advantage.

Will this move the needle? Will I get slightly richer? If the cost of deploying ritual tech is near-zero then of course you’re going to do it. In your heart of hearts, do you really believe that any of the Bushes give the slightest crap that our solar system may well contain vastly ancient offworld ruins?

I am one person removed from an anecdote to do with one of the new crop of space billionaires, but for very obvious reasons you’ll have to ask me about it in person. The gist of it is that no one is “briefed” or “read into” the current conclusions of whoever is formulating such conclusions (it’s unlikely to be a single group, anyway), but they do appear to be quietly told out of the corner of someone’s mouth “you might see some shit up there” and that’s it. There’s money to be made, after all.

Returning to the original question about billionaires and astrology. They don’t believe in it because it is a beautiful cultural expression of mankind’s stellar origins and unique place in the Cosmos, they believe in it because it works.

There is no room on the ledger for anything else.

Billionaires And Astrology: Elite Belief Systems   

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