Roll Your Own Culture, a chat with Gordon White of

A free wheeling chat with gordonwhite of on building your own reality map. Drawing upon chaos magic, gnosticism, and the strength of fictional works. Looking at topics such as the billionaire world view, the Secret Space Program, Nazi Science and the Nazi International. Contrasting the Western world view and cosmology with the Eastern, especially China & India. And using network theory to talk about the construction of Nomadic Taste Tribes.

key Runesoup posts: the Archonology series, Teaching Algebra to Dogs & Adolescence’s End

As Richard Dolan points out, secrets develop their own momentum. You only need to look at how one little clandestine marital indiscretion snowballs out and collapses the whole partnership.

When that little lie is technology-based, it can snowball out into a completely separate world. Like when John D Rockefeller used Standard Oil (Nazi collaborators) to invest in (Nazi collaborator) Henry Ford’s motor company to build gasoline-powered cars rather than the more popular electric ones of the day, before buying up urban train systems, replacing them with buses and then eventually closing them down [], building an unbreakable, hydrocarbon reich across much of the first world. (Among other crimes [], in conjunction with their friends at the NaCIA.)” ~ Dr. Joseph P. Farrell – The Nazi International IUFO

“Someone stole your future. Don’t you ever wonder who?” – Warren Ellis

Works Mentioned:

  • Planetary
  • Influx
  • Doktor Sleepless
  • The Legend of Korra
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • X Files
  • The Invisibles

Further Reading:

Further watching:


And also:

Here’s to all the Nomadic Taste Tribes and Lifeboat Survivors, moving further up the beach. Ello!

Music & Samples:

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