Roll Your Own Culture, a chat with Gordon White of A free wheeling chat with gordonwhite of on building your own reality map. Drawing upon chaos magic, gnosticism, and the strength of fictional works. Looking at topics such as the billionaire world view, the Secret Space Program, Nazi Science and the Nazi International. […]

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Can we talk about how cop shows in all their forms are dramatisations of the immune system of the empire?

But how they also portray the search for truth.

But how procedural cop shows reinforce the delusion that every question has a ready, if surprising¬†answer. that no crime, no mystery too whacky can’t be reduced to a flash back montage and with¬†knowing knowing narration.

And how crimes themselves have become just another infotainment fodder.

How the nightmare of the poor and working poor.

Feeds the delusions of the middle class.

And the psychopathy of the elite.

Designed so that at the end of the day, the good citizens of Amerika and its colonies can go safely to sleep, because everything is UNDER CONTROL and there are no mysteries the machine can’t solve. Or at least answer.

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