Back in print…

Time for a news update blog post. It must be, because I have news.


See that magazine cover there? That’s got my words in it. My ongoing series, The Plutocratic Exit Strategy, has crossed over from the Daily Grail website and made its way into newsagents and onto iPads etc everywhere. Here’s the handy link to where you can order your own copy, be it physical or PDF.

See… it me!

Contents-New-Dawn-Special-Issue-V10N1-it me

This is, more specifically, a mash-up between the ideas I’ve been exploring of late and the world of Ufology. The pitch goes like this:

How the Plutocrats just might fake a UFO invasion to implement a takeover of select cities and cover their Exit to Mars, or elsewhere, using classified prototype vehicles kitted out with an alien aesthetic

Meanwhile, the series proper has continued. The latest instalment looked at “Breakaway Factions & Type I Civ Tech.” As I opened that essay, writing this is series as it literally unfolds in front of us if proving to be… well, I’m not bored, let’s put it that way:

“I’ll be straight with you, trying to serialise a book about a plan in motion to covertly exit a doomed planet is a challenge. I’m not just trying to hit a moving target, but create a narrative for its entire trajectory. At the same time, though, there’s no better way to test out & update a thesis as it’s being written.”

So obviously, I’m spending more of this month deep in Ufological territory. That New Dawn piece is just the first in a three-part series I’ve got outlined. Which, if the gods old and new favour me, will be collected up as the first proper eBook for the Plutocratic Exit Strategy. You can think of it as being like an EP that comes out before an album.

Everything drops first at my Patreon, by the way – Dark Extropian Musings.

What else? Oh yeah, I spent the past weekend tumbling down the terrifying worm hole that is looking into exactly what is and what might be up with the Zika Virus. This is a legitimate climatological horror and the post-anthropocene seriously cannot come fast enough.

Let’s get on with that, shall we?

titan moon of saturn 6a00d8341bf7f753ef01b7c755f358970b

Because, as much as I hate being right sometimes having been enjoying writing about all this, I truly just want to be go off-world myself, be a space shaman and live on a research station orbiting Saturn’s moon, Titan, like some genetically enhanced posthuman weirdo and play elder god to whatever weird life emerges from there. (I don’t think there’ll exactly be a queue.)

i want to leave badge w me

So I should finish up my latest newsletter, which just happens to be on that very subject.

Then actually check out this new series of The X-Files. Everyone’s who been reading my writing keeps telling me to watch it; practically in chorus. I have no idea why.

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